Louis Vuitton Paris African Art Ubuhle Beads
  • I support this outstanding project and urge those who can help to do generously

    Desmond Tutu
    Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town
  • We were overwhelmed by the beauty and artistry of the work, the scale of the pieces and intricacy of the beading,

    Marcia Baird Burris
  • The most soulfully exquisite, artfully crafted work

    Joseph Romatelli
  • I sat and wept, overwhelmed not only by the beauty of their world and it’s vibrancy but for these women who are striving to succeed and survive!

    Barbara Sorce
  • Abstract in their appearance and masterful in their construction the beaded panels speak to a new dynamic for the medium.

    Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum