Dance of Joy

Zondile Zondo
57cm x 88cm
Czech and Miyuki Beads and Chrystal

Zondlile captures the unrestrained joy of Kiko, leaping with vibrant energy, in a dam filled with life. In a bejewelled explosion of gold, crystals and beads, Zondlile meticulously stitches the beads onto fabric, to encapsulate a wondrous moment, bursting with vivacity, movement and life. 

The story of the Artists of Ubuhle, is one where the artists celebrate their purpose, by creating extraordinary beautiful works of Art. Each artwork telling a story, serving as a memoir to moments in their lives. Their courage and determination to prevail, against all odds, as artists, inspiring and giving hope to all who see their art and hear their story.

Thanda Ntobela, Nonhlakanipho Mndiyatha, Zondlile Zondo, Ntonbephi Ntobela, Zandile Ntobela

Louis Vuitton Paris African Art Ubuhle Beads
  • I support this outstanding project and urge those who can help to do generously

    Desmond Tutu
    Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town
  • We were overwhelmed by the beauty and artistry of the work, the scale of the pieces and intricacy of the beading,

    Marcia Baird Burris
  • The most soulfully exquisite, artfully crafted work

    Joseph Romatelli
  • I sat and wept, overwhelmed not only by the beauty of their world and it’s vibrancy but for these women who are striving to succeed and survive!

    Barbara Sorce
  • Abstract in their appearance and masterful in their construction the beaded panels speak to a new dynamic for the medium.

    Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum