Recognized by the Smithsonian in Washington DC as international artists, their art has been exhibited either individually or as part of Ubuhle in numerous Museums, Art Galleries and Private collections including:
Museum Exhibitions USA 

Smithsonian Washington DC-  2014

Dayton Art Institute, Dayton,OH – 2018

Flint Institute of Art, Flint,MI – 2018

National Czech and Slovak Museum, Cedar Rapids, IA 2018

The Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA – 2018

The Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, NH – 2019

Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO

The Ruth Funk Textile Museum, Melbourne, FL – 2020

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, AL, 2020

Society of the Four Arts, Palm Beach, FL – November 2020


Temporary Exhibitions

Museum of Art and Design New York – 2010

Neurberger Museum of Art New York – 2012

Saatchi London Collect – 2018

Textile Museum Toronto Canada – 2015



Museum Collections 

International Museum Collections

Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC

Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH

Flint Institute of Art, Flint, MI

Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA

South African Museum Collections

Johannesburg Art Gallery – Permanent Collection

Tathan art Gallery – Permanent collection 

Carnegie art Museum – Permanent Collection

Kwa Zulu Natal Museum – Permanent Collection


Private Collections 

Huberman Collection – (USA) (2014)

Mott Warsh Collection – (USA) (2018)

Goetz Collection – (Germany) (2018)

Individual Collections

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela 

Bob Geldof


Art Galleries and Exhibitions 

Bonne Esperance – Paris  2020

Saatchi London Collect – 2018

Amaridian New York – 2010

Everard Read  South Africa – 2005



Philosophy Of Ubuhle

What started as a humble project, using traditional skills to create independence and give rural artists hope, has evolved into the artists of Ubuhle stunning the World with their mesmerizing fine art.

By being recognised as International artists, these women have challenged the traditional perception of rural women and showcased them as the dignified, gifted, dedicated artists that they are.

We hope this will challenge the perception of rural women and traditional skills Worldwide.